Few Tips before starting to manufacture your Products in China

By | 25th September 2014


– The different steps to manufacture your Products in China:

Manufacturing your products in China will drive you through different essential steps. After having selected your prefered manufacturer, it is important to conduct an internal audit of the factory. This audit will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the manufacturer and will allow you to anticipate a number of future problems which can suddenly appear during the mass production phase of your products. Then, once you have confirmed the specifications of your products, it s necessary to prepare a sample which will be used as a standard to check that the goods really match with what you want. This sample is also very important to check your that your product is functionnal and is really adapted to your market and customers. Once the sample has been approved and the mass production launched, it can be interesting to monitor the raw materials used to manufacture your product. I can help to check if your production is properly on track and macth with your demand, because once the mass production has been launched, it will be difficult to go back. Then, the factory will launch the mass production and we advise to inspect the factory during the mass production stages in order to check that everything is going well, or adjust a few settings. Finally, once the mass production has been completed and your goods are ready to ship, you need to plan a last check. This is the most important quality check in order to approve that the goods match with your exact demand.


– Traps to avoid before manufacturing your Products in China:

One of the major trap to avoid is to try to go too fast and misjudge manufactring schedules and delivery. Chinese manufacturers have a reputation for working “hard” and producing goods very quickly in a minimum of time. Therefore, some buyers start looking for Chinese manufacturers just few weeks before their delivery deadline. Although this kind of mis judgment is to be avoided in any type of business, it is all the more with Chinese manufacturers who are receiving lot of orders and have their production agenda fully booked. For instance, in order to manufacture a really basic product, first you need to count about 25 days to make some samples or prototypes, then 30 to 45 days to launch  and complete the mass production, and finally 35-40 days for the goods delivery. We are therefore on a basis of about three months to receive a product from China.


– How to negotiate with a Chinese Manufacturer:

Negotiate with a Chinese manufacturer requires a long term work based on a long term and cooperative relationship. This is what we strive to maintain with our Chinese manufacturers network in order to get reasonable prices without cutting on the quality of the products we manufacture. In China, what we call the “Guangxi” (the network) is a key element that can really help to negociate things and this can exist only if your company is established for decades.

Also, in order to start to negociate properly, you really need to have a good knowledge of your product, the materials used and the manufacturing methods (such as the cost of manufacturing a plastic injection mold for example).

Finally, you ll have to know more about China, its different provinces, production areas and of course get familiar with the Chinese cuture and the business parctices in China.


– Define your Product and prepare a Check List:

Start first by defining exactly the type of product you are looking for. The goal is for you to save time and also help us to quickly locate the Chinese manufacturer able to make your product. Any technical detail is important (materials, colors, print, finishing, packaging … etc.). Please indicate what would be your Ordering Quantities, your Target Price, and Delivery Timing.


– Making Prototypes before manufacturing your products in China:

During the creation and development phase of a new product, it is necessary to produce samples or prototypes to check and confirm the functionality and specifications of your products. We have a prototyping workshop in Canton (Guangzhou) in China and we able to make any kind of parts or products. Making Prototypes in China can be something easy, fast and inexpensive and it will help you to get a first glimpse of your future products and test it with your customers and your markets. Once the Prototypes have been make, we send them to our painting and printing workshop to customize it with your Logo and colours.


– Designing your packaging with our Chinese manufacturers:

It is commonly said that “clothes do not make the monk”, however Marketers also agree that a Packaging is essential to boost the sales of your product. So, why not doing it while it is easy to produce high quality packaging in China. Our design studio is always pleased to support you and will guide you with your artwork in order to set up a very creative packaging adapted to your products and markets.


– Get your Products with CE Certification:

Any product sold in Europe are subject to the European Directives. However, even if some products made in China still pass through the net mesh and are not certified, it is essential to ensure that your products have a CE certification according to the lastest European Directives. Our Company can help you to certify your products made in China with Company specialized in Tests and Certifications. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to certify your products.