Quality Control


Our Customers don’t simply come to China seeking cheaper suppliers.

They are very often looking for better quality than they are able to achieve at home.
This is because many industries are no longer domiciled in Western countries, or there are often no workers who are skilled in hand made products or labour intensive assembly.
Nearly every major multi-national manufacturer of consumer products has plants in China – either wholly owned or sub-contracted.
Contrary to the image projected by many media outlets in the West, china factories, by and large, are modern, well equipped, and staffed with educated workers. It is completely illegal to employ underage workers, and all factories undergo government safety, cleanliness, and staff payment inspection by the government. In addition, all the factories we contract business to are required to produce the relevant certification issued by International inspection bureaus such as BV, SGS, and Intertek.
Before placing any order with a new china manufacturers, a member of our management or engineering team audits the china factories, checks it internally and verifies its capabilities.
When we receive an order from our customer, our own QC team is present at each stage of the production process.We QC the incoming raw materials, the assembly, the packaging, and the loading.
We also ensure that the production techniques, the materials used and the finished products comply with all International Standards and Regulations (RoHS, CE, ISO9001).