How to select a Chinese Supplier

By | 23rd June 2014

How to Select a Chinese supplier?

Select the right plant is not an easy mission so suppliers are numerous and competitive especially when it comes to basic products or consumer.

Although there exists the tools and tricks that find thousands of potential candidates (often free and more or less reliable) we advise you to trust the experience of a French partner who has an office in China and knowing market reality.


Working with a Supplier of your size:

There are different ways to find potential suppliers in China:

Make calls to a sourcing office: sourcing offices are often very good advice and help you better understand a whole how to place an order with a Chinese supplier (the phase of production to delivery) while minimizing risk!

– May not receive the desired products!

– May not be delivered on time!

In addition, sourcing offices regularly work with trusted suppliers which will help you save time and get very competitive asking price!

Finally, your sourcing office, will ensure a custom and quality control will be like the saying “your eyes inside the factory” throughout the production phase!